Introducing 802.11AC by MikroTik
Introducing 802.11AC (Rock, Route and Roll)
The new AC Standard is here, with up to 866Mbit datarate, 256-QAM modulation and 800MHz channels.802.11ac opens up new possibilities and speeds never possible before. Our devices support client, point to point and point to multipoint modes, so you can use the 802.11ac technology in all situations. Build a new high speed link, or make a high speed home access point for your 802.11ac enabled laptops.

Introducing 802.11AC by MikroTik

Starting from RouterOS v6.16 you can easily enable a VPN server for your HomeAP device in the QuickSet page in Webfig. Access your local network or use your router as a secure gateway for Internet access. PPTP or IPsec will be used, depending on the client config. Some of the benefits are outlined below.

Bypass Internet Censorship
HomeVPN lets you go where you want to go, Unblock YouTube, unblock Facebook, unblock Twitter

Secure browsing
Honeypot open APs can not snoop your passwords and identity when using HomeVPN

Freedom to travel
Now you can access of the region restricted media when traveling abroad (music, movie, TV, Sports website)

Private Surfing
Protect your constitutional rights to privacy, don’t get tracked and logged by your workplace or hotspots

Wi-Fi security
HomeVPN encrypts all traffic that goes over wireless even if the AP is not set to do encryption

Malware protection 
With HomeVPN, no man-in-the-middle-attack will take control of your device 

Winbox 3
We have released a new Winbox version with many long requested features. Currently the new Winbox is still in Beta, but it works very well, and can be used alongside the old Winbox, without disturbing the operation of the router, or the old Winbox. You can download it on the download pageSome of the highlights in Winbox 3: 
•  Group saved routers and keep big lists of them
•  Sort by IP address, MAC, version etc.
•  Filter and search in Saved or Neighbors
•  Ability to keep Loader open when connecting
•  Winbox can now self-upgrade
•  If connection is lost, it will offer to reconnect later
•  Log can be sorted, and now has columns



Date 2/5/2015



Date 2/5/2015


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Date 9/8/2016


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