Fiber or Wireless? Why not both?

Multilink is your total networking solution provider launched a new solution combining fiber & WiFi. We are Authorized Master Distributors for MikroTik & Revo FTTH products.

We have designed a New Networking Solution specially for MDU's, Group housing & Small Offices blending existing technology & fiber. Please find the attachment to see how the architecture looks like.

Using fiber technology as backbone at ISP end & MikroTik Routers at customer end you can provide high speed internet service at economic prices. Our Revo OLT's are available with different configurations according to your requirement. Instead of using ONU at customer end you can still use your Mikrotik routers with PoE ports. The PoE in & PoE out ports help you extend the network providing WiFi or wired internet access.

We have a lot more solutions, Call us at +91 9310044400 or send a email to [email protected] explaining your requirements, We will get back with you to provide best & cost efficient solution. Visit our website to know more about our products.

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